Great place for shopping in Calgary for International visitors.

Great summer deals are going on in Cross Iron Mills; visitors will get special booklet which contain discounts on almost every shop.

Wow! Cross Iron Mills is the place where people can get a good variety of brands just under one roof. There are some other good malls in Calgary such as Chinook, Core, Market mall, Sunridge, Marlborough, New Horizon mall; but, the most convinent mall is Cross iron mills. Shopping is one of the greatest feeling people can have.For some people, shopping is the stress buster and moreover, when the ambience is great, it can boost their mode.

If we talk about Cross iron mills; the way it is designed is so attractive,it has around 6 different entrances and does even have a cineplex in it which is another on of the things that attracts more people towards it. Cross iron mils is the only biggest one level shopping centre in the Alberta, and it is located in the centre of two cities which brings more people in . The way it has been designed always attracts the people; and, on top of that it has good stores in it which always has attractive deals going on.

This photo is taken in Cross Iron Mills while stampede days. (Photo by Sakshi Bindra/SAIT)

Experience of Visitors

It is the shopping center for all kind of people come from different countries. The mall property offers the best feature of a traditional shopping center, food and all entertainment places in just all in one show stopping location. Majority of People come from different places and speaks various language, the search engine helps people to find stores particularly in their own direction.” said Iraq Mohamad employee in mall.

Everyday there are great rush on days like Black Friday, Boxing day everything is on half than a regular price. This mall has more than two hundred special stores, premium brands outlets and 17 large-format anchor stores. “It is very convenient place to reach and get your shopping done in good prizes on every brand which is really amazing,” said Lesli Andrew come from Edmonton to Calgary for a week holiday. This mall provides a private shuttle service for exclusive use of transporting current employees to and from their work. There is one Airdrie bus service which goes striate to C-train station and goes to Cross iron mills. There are deals going on for summer special which will surprise and force you to pop things and go quickly.

This picture is about the Cross Iron Mills mall in Calgary, Alberta. (Photo by Sakshi Bindra/SAIT)

Special summer deals in CrossIron mills

 Sirens deal is Dime Day – Buy one Get One For 10 cents.

Guess factory store – Take an additional 50% off select styles.

Calvin Klein – shop the semiannual sale up to 50% off entire store

Adidas – end of season sale / up to 50% off

Ricki’s – Ricki’s flash sale- 70% off on select shorts

New Central Library welcome millions of people to visit its first summer 2019

The Central Library is the best place to explore for people of all ages. Everybody can have a library card no one have to pay any fee. Bill Ptacek, CEO of the Central Library in Calgary said, “Our goal is to make the Calgary public library the greatest public library in the whole world. 

These pictures is about the environmental portrait (Photo by Sakshi Bindra/SAIT)

Central Library has a lot of opportunities for adults and youth to get involved with volunteerism at the Library. 

People like international students , tourist who came from any part of the world can come and can explore it for free. It’s such a beautiful place for children, youth and old people.

In Calgary, every kid in school will get a free library card. Schools send  a note home with every child about the library card. 

“ The whole idea is we want to create more literate society and community,” Ptacek said. 

The Central library provides great meeting rooms to the public that are free to those who have a library card with them. That is another example of having a strong community. The whole project is for public to have advantage of sources.

“Calgary new Central library is open for everyone, we can’t wait for you to come visit, if you walk the place you will be totally amazed to see the opportunities,” said Mary Kapusta Calgary public library spokeswoman. 

Central Library Express

It has lots to see and do in Library Express. A sloped pathway takes people throughout this area, where you can pick up your holds, return books on the book return section. In the Create Space, people can use typewriters to type a letter to the new library or add to the book confessions. People can get a glimpse into the design process of the new Central library. 

These pictures is about the environmental portrait (Photo by Sakshi Bindra/SAIT)

“Throughout the Central Library, there are more and more amenities and equipment including printers and copiers( library card gives you $5 of printing per month), wi-fi, gender-neutral washrooms, public computers and Chromebook laptops, plentiful seating, and more than 30 free bookable meeting spaces,” Kapusta said.

“The community has made a significant investment in the new Central Library. It is all about innovation and new way of building something better,” said Ptacek. “It is beautiful, well laid out, a lot of space for walking and the architect did a great job.”

The history comes to life with Calgary’s story, presented by Walt and Irene DeBoni, on level 4, thanks to the Living History: a lot of  Canada past digital story telling kiosk, an extensive local history collection, and the Williams and Harris Shared History Centre, feature a Vintage Media Lab and interactive story studio.

Calgary library layout

Library has four floors of interacting learning areas, two cafes, a performance hall, recording studio and some secret spaces that are fun because people have to find these secret places by their own.

It has many intimate spaces that are only big enough for one person and one can sit in there and be alone as well, there are 450,000 new books lining shelves throughout the building. The $250 million project was delivered on time and on budget. As you walk in to see the interior of the central library is goes up into the fourth flour and it’s really beautiful.

The incredible 12,200 square foot space includes a structure for full-body play, the Maureen Proctor Reading Nook, nursing room, a Questionnaire for older kids to solve challenges, create, and play, and plenty of books and spots to enjoy them.

These pictures is about the Portrait of Pooja Arora License holder Esthetician live in Calgary on Wednesday 26, 2019.(Photo by Sakshi Bindra/SAIT)

“A majority of Calgarians show their keen interest towards the library,” said Kapusta.

People visit Calgary in summer from different countries get advantages of library services and it has safe and welcoming place for everyone. It has lot of senior people uses all the East Village of incredible new projects in building so, for people who makes this project works really come down to code of conduct, how they act in the library, library also have security on site to make sure everyone feels safe and welcome. It’s really a beautiful building and this is welcoming everyone all over the world.